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The following are the components approved under World Bank funding

S.No. Component Estimate Bank financing GoTN financing
Amount in USD Million Amount in INR Crores Amount in USD Million Amount in INR Crores Amount in USD Million Amount in INR Crores

A - Network improvement
Two Lane-427Km.
Four Lane-145Km.
Multi-year OPRC - 600Km.

746.45 4478.70 274.45 1646.70 472.00 2832.00

B - Institutional Capacity

11.00 66.00 8.80 52.80 2.20 13.20
3 C - Road Safety 20.00 120.00 16.00 96.00 4.00 24.00
4 Front End fee 0.75 4.50 0.75 4.50 0.00 0.00
  Total 778.20 4669.20 300.00 1800.00 478.20 2869.20

Network Improvement

The project will support the up gradation and maintenance of selected roads within the state’s core road network, through three contracting approaches as explained below.

  • Up gradation and maintenance through (EPC) contracts :

Construction of civil works for widening and upgrading of approximately 427 km of roads of Core Road Network (CRN) to two-lane with paved shoulders standards through EPC contracts including maintenance for a 5-year period after the construction

    • Up gradation and maintenance through Public Private Partnership(PPP) concessions: (Modified Annuity)

Construction of civil works for widening and upgrading of approximately 145 km of roads of CRN to four-lane standards and maintenance during the concession period

      • Maintenance through Multi-year Output and Performance Based Road Contract

Maintenance of approximately 600 km of CRN for a 5-year period adopting Multi-yearn Performance-based Contract approach

World Bank loan component will also support the associated activities like transaction advisory, supervision of quality control, and advisory services; shifting of utilities etc. Also, the project roads will be designed and implemented with particular attention to achieve better road safety outcomes especially for the vulnerable road users.

Institutional Capacity Enhancement:

This component aims to implement the Institutional Capacity Enhancement Plan (ICEP) developed by the HD and approved by GoTN. The project will support

(a) Policy level actions and commitments to improve both mobilization and allocation of resources in the road sector.

(b) Operational level initiatives to enhance enterprise-level efficiency through

              1. Process improvements.

              2. Organizational restructuring.

              3. Sustaining investments in IT infrastructure.

              4. Training & Knowledge Management. This component includes mainstreaming and integrating the key IT-based systems i.e. Road Management System (RMS), Project and Finance Management System (PFMS) and Road Accident Data Management System (RADMS).

Road Safety:

In addition to the provisions for better road safety on project roads, the project will support achievement of improved road safety, at two levels, Viz., State and District levels.

EPC mode of contracting :

Construction of civil works for widening and upgrading of 427 kms of roads of Core Road Network (CRN) to two-lane with paved shoulders including maintenance for 5 years have been awarded and works are in progress. Table - 1 shows the details of works under EPC packages.

Table - 1

Contract SH No Name of the road stretch Length in km Agreement amount Rs. in Crore
EPCO1 SH116 Upgrading Kanchipuram - Vandavasi Road (SH116) Km 14/300 to km 36/700 22.342 184.98
SH58 Upgrading Sadras - Chengalpattu - Kancheepuram - Arakkonam - Thiruthani Road (SH58) km 0/000 to km 26/811 26.140
EPC02 SH4 Upgrading Arcot - Villupuram Road (SH4) km 29/800 to km 110/165 and km 113/325 to km 114/600 83.075 320.02
EPC03 SH9 Upgrading Cuddalore - Chittoor Road (SH9) km 41/700 to km 44/000 and km 45/000 to km 66/190 and construction of a new link road between SH9 and SH137 (km 66/190 to km 71/147) 28.450 95.22
EPC04 SH70 Upgrading Vridhachalam - Parangipettai Road (SH70) km 0/000 to km 35/800 35.800 162.41
EPC05 SH86 Upgrading Omalur - Sankari - Thiruchengode - Paramathy road (SH86) km 54/800 to km 81/000 26.200 103.81
EPC06 SH79 Upgrading Malliyakarai - Rasipuram - Trichengode - Erode Road (SH79) km 0/000 to km 30/600 and km 51/400 to km 71/300 50.525 224.06
EPC07 SH95 Upgrading Mohanur – Namakkal – Senthamangalam - Rasipuram Road (SH95) km 0/000 to km 13/100 13.385 63.95
EPC08 SH89 Upgrading Nanguneri - Bharatavaram - Ovari Road (SH89) upto ECR junction km 0/000 to km 35/200 35.200 110.99
EPC09 SH44 Upgrading Paruvakudi - Kovilpatti - Ettayapuram -Vilathikulam - Vembar Road (SH44) km 22/500 to km 38/750 and km 41/300 to km 56/700 31.650 152.97
EPC1O SH41 Upgrading Rajapalayam - Sankarankoil - Tirunelveli Road (SH41) km 1/800 to km 28/000 and km 33/800 to km 82/800 75.200 286.50
    TOTAL 427.967 1704.91/strong>

PPP (Modified Annuity) mode of contracting:

146 Km length of roads are proposed to be widened as four lane with paed shoulders thro’ PPP – mode. Noc has been obtained from World Bank and Tamilnadu Infrastructure Development Board for inviting tenders for PPP-02 & PPP-03. Tenders for the Packages PPP0 3 & 02 will be opened in online on 04.10.2017 & 09.10.2017 respectively and the remaining work PPP02 will be invited only after obtaining judgment order from the Hon’ble High Court. The details are as follows.

Package SH No. Name of work Length in km
PPP01 SH 15 Gobi - Erode Road (SH15) km 123/000 to km 153/600 30.60
PPP02 SH 37 Oddanchatram - Dharapuram-Tiruppur Road (SH37) km 37/400 to km 108/400 70.20
PPP03 SH 39 Tirunelveli - Tenkasi Road (SH - 39) km 5/000 to km 50/600 45.64
    Total(PPP Works) 146.44

Maintenance through Multi-year Output and Performance Based Road Contract (OPRC) :

In order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of road asset management and maintenance, Output and Performance Based Maintenance Contracts (OPRC) have been introduced as an innovative approach. Minimum road conditions and Service Levels are defined based on output and performance measures for which the contractor is responsible.

Roads improved under TNRSP I (Arcot - Tiruvarur and Nagapattinam - Tuticorin) for a length of about 597 km have been entrusted at a cost of Rs.220.00 Crores in two packages for 5 years maintenance period adopting OPRC approach and the works are in progress. The details are as follows.

Package Name of work Length in km
OPRC - 01 Arcot - Tiruvarur Road 265.30
OPRC - 02 Nagapattinam - Thoothukudi Road 332.17
  Total (PPP works) 597.47

Institutional Capacity Enhancement (ICE) and Road Safety :

The implementation of ICE and RS components are being taken up through the newly formed ICERS Cell under the control of Director General, Highways Department.


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